Romance on the Run by Autumn Grant

Woo-hoo!  Come celebrate with me.  I just released my first romance novel.  The first of a very long list, I can assure you.  You can find it at, but don’t forget to add the author name as I’m sure you wouldn’t want to get it mixed up with the five-minute quality sex book (or well, maybe you would).  There is also a CD from the London West End Orchestra with the same name.  Who knew that Romance on the Run would be such a popular title?

The book you’re looking for takes place in the northern Adirondacks of New York State as a woman and two men start a journey that will change their lives forever (no, not a sexual journey silly–it’s a sex-behind-closed-doors type of novel).  If you like adventure and stories about strong women then you’ll love this one.  Check it out today–oh, and then check back here as I’ll be blogging about ways to keep love alive in our too busy lives.

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