I just learned the man in my life placed an ad congratulating me on the release of Romance on the Run.  What a wonderful thing to do!  Isn’t he just a sweetheart!  Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a look at my site, but please keep checking in as I tweak it and add more love to it.

Show Someone How Much You Care

Some days you just need a hug.  And before you start, I know hugging isn’t for everyone.  Some people just don’t like physical contact, but there are more ways to give a hug than wrapping your arms around him and squeezing tight.  A smile, a kind word, a wink, a wildflower, or a compliment are just a few of the ways you can brighten someone’s day. And the best part of this is you’ll get “hugged” back tenfold.  You have no idea what a smile and a gentle word can do for someone who is down in the dumps, so hug a stranger today.

Not in Love with Marketing

I love to write.  I love to write about love.  I love to share my stories with others.  But, boy, am I learning to hate marketing.  I thought writing my books was going to be the hard part.  How silly I was.  I just attended a marketing meeting with a friend of mine who is three steps ahead of me in learning the marketing ropes.  She had great ideas and opened my eyes to many things I hadn’t thought about, and when I left the meeting my inner romantic was crying out “but if I do all of that, when will I have time to write?”  I know it is a part of doing business, but don’t you wish there was a marketing fairy–someone who believes in you and could publicize your work–all for free.